My Clinicals Group

MedSurg Clinical Group

The basic unit of Nursing school, to me, is the Clinicals group. Though we’re all in the same class, and at times have taken classes at different time slots, it is when we go to clinicals that we separate into smaller units and achieve that squad-level tight focus. Above is my clinicals group for MedSurg (except for the guy at far right, we were all together as well for Fundamentals clinicals). These are my peeps. These are the people I spend time at the hospital with, the ones that stand by me, and me by them, when we face medical issues for the first time, when we have exams, when we’re stressed out, when we’re overwhelmed. These are the people that I high-five when we do something cool, when we celebrate the little victories and the big ones. We talk about wildly inappropriate things during lunch, know way too much about each other’s bodies, and are the only ones who truly understand what we’re all going through. These are my friends, and without them, nursing school would be practically unbearable.