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Back in late December, we finally published my wife’s debut novel, SONGBIRD. We did an initial promotional push when it went up for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store, and again when it became available for Nook and on paperback at Since then, however, we have both been swamped with work and school and have not had time to promote the novel as a self-published book deserves and needs to be. I’d like to change that.

Here is the copy at the back of the novel:

How far will friendship stretch when put to the test?

Jacqueline Aguirre is a wallflower. Her best friend Sophie Martinez is anything but. Yet somehow the two became best friends, inseparable through thick and thin. That is, until charming Irishman Liam comes into the picture, throwing their perfect world into disarray and challenging Jackie to unfurl her wings and fly. Established patterns are broken, emotions taken for granted are challenged, and the friends’ lives are turned upside down. Now only one thing is for certain: things will never be the same.

SONGBIRD is a story of contemporary women that is not Chick Lit. Personally, I like to think of it as a coming-of-self story, where we see the events that propel the main character to finally come into her own as a person. I think it is a good novel (I am terribly biased, I know, but I stand by it) and I would like for more people to read it.

Review Copies

I will give away 5 copies of SONGBIRD in e-book format (Kindle and ePub) with the only request that, if you like and enjoy the novel, you leave a review at

If you are interested, leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you.

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