Blog Restructuring

Just a heads up: over the next couple of weeks I’ll be doing some behind-the-scenes tinkering to the website in order to merge all my blogs under the same roof. This is something I have gone back and forth over throughout the years, but right now it makes perfect sense to do given my very limited time. Besides, I have decided that I would rather have all my interests under one roof then use the tools provided by WordPress to mark differences.

For example, if you read this post on the main page it will look as my website usually does, but if you read it under the category Editorials, you will see that the page header is slightly different. Using that same tool, I can make the category pages for Slow Bike Miami (my bicycling blog) or The Literary Nurse (my nursing blog) look different while still having them in my main blog. I will even have separate RSS feeds for each category, for those who only want to follow one topic in particular.

Mainly what this means is that this blog will see more use on a wider variety of topics, from gaming to writing, from bicycling to nursing, and so on. After all, this is my personal blog and I am the sum of all those parts and more.