First Two Weeks of Class

It’s been two weeks since classes started and I can tell you I have rediscovered the meaning to the word “overwhelmed.” In two weeks we have covered what would normally take about two months, and in Fundamentals alone we have covered what it took an entire class at FIU (my Intro to Nursing Concepts class). So yeah, overwhelming.

This semester so far I am taking the following classes:

  • Fundamentals of Nursing: Self-explanatory, everything from the history and theoretical foundations to how to do the basics of all nursing skills.
  • Fundamentals of Nursing Skills Lab: Where we learn the basic skills all nurses need to know, from washing hands to putting an enema!
  • Adult Health Assessment: Learning how to do both health history and assessment of a patient.
  • Intro to Nursing Math: Basic math skills needed for dealing with pharmaceuticals.

Already this week I have my Skills Lab examination and a quiz for Assessment, and next week the first exam for Fundamentals. Once February starts, the Skills class gets replaced with the Clinical rotation, and for that month we’ll be practicing at a local nursing home. In March, we start a second half of the semester and many of my classes change, but I’ll get to those down the line.

So far it’s amazing, but I keep having this fear that someone will tell me that my presence there was a mistake and that I need to leave. I haven’t had much time to let it all sink in, and I suspect it will only sink in after I graduate. That’s how fast we’re going. This has also made me learn whole new ways to study, and while I’m taking a few minutes to write this, I already feel guilty that I’m not reading one of my books.

The material is extensive, and the one good thing is that all of us in the class are in the same place, freaking out about the amount of material and wondering if we’re studying right or not. I assume once we have our first exam we will have a better idea of what to expect and study patterns will shift to reflect that.

So that’s the first two weeks. I continue to be curious how each of us in the class made it there. We’re all still getting to know each other (which is weird when we have to practice procedures on each other — though not the enema). Now gotta get back to studying.