Princess, Jock & Nerd: Claire Standish

Here is the next The Breakfast Club character converted into Lady Blackbird-style stats for my hack. As with Bender, if you are familiar with Lady Blackbird (and if you’re not, go get it now), you will see pieces work with each other. I’m hoping you can also start to see how the characters interact with each other a bit. It should be fairly obvious by looking at Bender and Claire that inter-player conflict is a big deal in this hack. Not all conflicts need to be problematic, but certainly it is the way in which the five kids challenge each other. Let me know if you have any feedback about Claire; she was fairly hard to figure out, game-stats wise, but I think I captured her essence.


A princess




Prom Queen, SGA Clique, Athletes Clique, Smart, Unapplied


Social Butterfly, Tease, Popular Kids Clique, Mallrats Clique, Peer Pressured


Etiquette, Spoiled, Daddy’s Credit Cards, Domestic-War Pawn, Rich Kids Clique


Charisma, Presence, Beautiful Smile, Good-at-Heart, Fashionista



Key of the Princess

You are teenage nobility as far as you’re concerned. Hit your key whenever you demonstrate you are a princess to your advantage. Buyoff: Accept you are just a regular girl.

Key of Vanity

It’s all about you, period. Hit your key when you do something that makes you the center of attention. Buyoff: Do something to shift the attention to someone else.

Key of Popularity

“Do you know how popular I am? I am so popular. Everybody loves me so much at this school.” Hit your key when you use your popularity to your advantage or make others defer to your popularity. You may hit this key in conjunction with Key of the Princess. Buyoff: Do or say something that would make you unpopular.



Secret of Evasion

Once per session, when someone enters into a conflict with you, you may choose to evade the issue by redirecting it to another character. If the character you bring into a conflict wins, you may inflict a Condition of your choice on the loser as well.

Secret of Perfectionist

Once per session, you can re-roll a failed dice roll. If you have bought off Key of Vanity, you may allow someone else to benefit from this Secret in your stead.



  • angry
  • ashamed
  • detained (starts checked)
  • embarrassed
  • hated
  • injured
  • lost
  • tired
  • trapped



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