Princess, Jock & Nerd: John Bender

Here you go, the draft character sheet for Bender. If you know how to play Lady Blackbird, you’ll understand how the pieces work. Of note, you’ll see there’s references to conflict between players; this will be a main feature of this hack, unlike in Lady Blackbird where there are no explicit rules for it. The conditions are also different to fit the theme and setting, and at least one of them can be suffered multiple times (in Bender’s case, 8 times – you figure which one out). I will keep working on the others; they are a bit harder to figure out than Bender.


A criminal




King of the Hallway, Unapplied, Slacker, Stoners Clique, Hallway Navigation, Lost Cause


Misfits Clique, Bad Boy Casanova, Rebel-Without-A-Cause, 3 O’clock Rumble,

Hard Knock

Run, Brawl, Switchblade, Intimidate, Pickpocket, Cigar Burn Mark


Deception, Misdirection, Sneak, Hide



Key of the Criminal

Whether you are or not is irrelevant; people think you are so you play it up. Hit your key when you play off being the “criminal” to your advantage. Buyoff: Prove you’re actually not a criminal to someone you fooled earlier.

Key of the Troublemaker

Calm is for old people; let’s shake this joint up. Hit your key when you move the story forward by doing something—anything—that gets other people acting as well. Buyoff: Let an opportunity to create trouble pass by.

Key of the Tough Guy

No one’s tougher than you; no one. Hit your key when you play up the tough guy persona. You may hit this key in conjunction with Key of the Criminal. Buyoff: Back down when someone else plays up being the tough guy.



Secret of Smartass

You may taunt another character with a smartass remark and force them into a conflict with you. If you win, you may refresh one Key, Secret or Condition. If you lose, you suffer two Conditions (GM’s choice).

Secret of Instigator

Once per session, you may force two other characters into a conflict between themselves. The loser suffers an additional Condition of your choice.



  • angry
  • ashamed
  • detained (starts checked)
  • embarrassed
  • hated
  • injured
  • lost
  • tired
  • trapped



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