The Next Step

Things are starting to move after a busy summer travel season. Today I went to Miami Dade College Medical Campus to get advised on the Accelerated Nursing Program.

I have all the pre-requisite classes I need (actually, better than what they ask for, as I took them at FIU and there the classes are more challenging) and the pre-requisite degree needed for the Accelerated program. I have been reactivated in the MDC system as a student (I graduated MDC in 1999!) and have ordered my official FIU transcript to be sent to MDC. All that is left is taking the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills – yes, it sounds dumb that I have to take this after having taken the HESI, which is far more difficult and specialized for Nursing, but that’s what they want), which I am doing next Friday the 26th.

I am still sending in my application to both Nova and Barry Universities as well, just in case. The ideal outcome here is that one of them will accept me and I can start next Spring!

I’ll update as things fall into place.