Mythender Character: Eire

Mythender is a game of epic heroes fighting gods in Mythic Norden being developed by Ryan Macklin. He’s been working on it for a couple years now and it looks like things are finally moving towards the final stretch. Last week he posted the first draft of the character creation rules and I decided to take them for a spin to help Ryan out with whatever feedback I could provide.

The game is set in mythic Norse country, but the image that jumped right out at me was not a Viking warrior, but an Irish one (unsurprising for anyone who knows me, really). Given there is a connection between the Irish and the Vikings, I used that as the jumping off point to create my own Mythender.

Behold Eire, raised by Morrigan to be the embodiment of the land of Ireland, sent by the Raven Queen to Norden to end the northmen and their heathen demon-gods.


Heart: Bearer
How did you gain your relic? I gained the spear Gae Bolga by the hand of the blessed bitch Morrigan.
What do your relic whisper to you when you touch it? Sink me into the hearts of the northmen, quench me with the blood of their demon-gods.
Do you trust your relic? Why/why not? Yes. It is the weapon of legend borne by CuChulain, a warrior’s weapon, a man’s weapon, my weapon.
A Bearer’s Weapon: The Gae Bolga, the many-barbed spear of CuChulainn nee Setanta.
A Bearer’s First Gift: Grievous Harm

History: Noble
What quality of your people do you most embody? The pure, unbound joy in the rage of combat, in the touch of a lover, in a barrel of mead, in the smile of our children.
What did you promise your people? That I would utterly destroy the barbarian northmen who invaded our shores and their heathen demon-gods along with them.
What do you owe them? I AM the land. I AM the people. I owe them my all.
A Noble’s Weapon: The unbridled passion of the children of the Milesians.
A Noble’s Bonds:
The sight of a northman most reminds me of the plight of my people.
Finn McCool shows me what true nobility is.
The endless wars of petty kingdoms remind me of what I must rise above.
CuChulainn shows me how my people could be stronger

The many-barbed spear Gae Bolga is my Weapon. I use it to end Myths by kicking it with my foot in the manner of Heroes and plunging it past the heart and into the soul of the heathen of Norden.
The Salmon of Knowledge is my Weapon. I use it to end Myths by using the collected knowledge of my entire people to wage war upon the heathen of Norden.
A horde of warped-ones is my Weapon. I use it to end Myths by unleashing the savage fury of the riastradh upon every single one of the heathen of Norden.

Fate: Myth of War
The Dream of War: I become the new Lord of War. I make the Morrigan mine, couple with her, become one with her, then take over her. I become lord of ravens, of carrion, of glorious death in the fields. I become the giver of the warp-spasms and all warriors offer their enemies to me.
The Presence of War: Where I walk, bickering follows. Where I sleep, arguments ensue. Where I eat, brawls erupt. Where I duel, battles are fought. Where I die, war never ends. This is what happens around me.

Mortal Form: An Irish warrior in leather armor and golden torque, hair the color of flames, covered in knotwork and triskele tattoos.
Paragon Form: A naked Irish warrior, wearing only a golden torque, knotwork and triskele tattoos glowing bright blue.
Supernatural Form: A naked Irish warrior, muscles bulging to the brink of what is humanly possible, hair made of flames, tattoos glowing blood red.
Godly Form: A warped-one, a living mass of muscles all hell-bent on destruction. Hair of spikes spewing a toxic cloud of miasma, arms bulging to the size of boulders, bloodshot eyes popping out of the sockets, daggers for teeth, legs bent backwards, tatoos glowing bright green.

Go ahead and download the Mythender character creation rules and create your own warrior of legend.