End of Spring 2011 Semester

The final grades were posted today, so that means that, officially, the Spring 2011 semester is over and done. How did I do? Overall, not bad.

  • Human Anatomy: B
  • Human Anatomy Lab: B
  • Survey of Chemistry: C
  • Chemistry Lab: B+

When the dust settled, my cumulative GPA is now 3.52.

This was the last semester of my pre-Nursing stage. Yes, I do still need one class, which I am taking now in Summer A, but really, this was it, the one semester with the heavy science classes, and the last one before I put in my application to the Nursing program at FIU by next week.

It wasn’t an easy semester, simply because both of these classes were all about memorization of tons of information. Seriously, it’s all about learning the info they threw at you by heart as much as possible. Especially Anatomy, these are foundation sciences, so they had a ton of material to cover in little time.

Overall I much preferred Anatomy; though I got a B, it was more due to a problem I’m noticing I have with exams (exam paper blank-out, I call it) than with not knowing the material. In fact, I know it well, and while I’m far from being to recite body parts like my professor, I can recall a huge amount of the anatomical info we covered. And let’s face it, this is the class with the Lab where we had four cadavers to study from. Little test tubes simply do not compare.

Chemistry was a nightmare, seriously. If I say that it was my least favorite class in my entire university career I would only be upsetting Statistics at being made to share that title. I found it tedious and of little interest. Though I give the professor credit for trying her best to make the class amenable, and kudos for being really good about explaining things, I have to take points away since she rarely, if ever, brought all that chemistry into the Health Sciences context. This class is specifically for Nursing, OT, PT, Nutrition, Health Sciences students, so you know the topic that is of interest to us: couch the chemistry in terms of our interest! Nope. The result was apathy on my part. Much like I don’t care in general how this blog, browser, software work in the back-end, just that they work for me on the user side, that’s how I feel about Chemistry.

Could I have done better? Always, really. I gave it my best most of the time, and pushed through the tiredness and despondency when they attacked, and here I am now, done.

A 3.5 is a good GPA, but I don’t know if it will be good enough for the Nursing program at FIU. I do have the ace in my hand that is my previous degree, which does add points to my GPA for purposes of their admissions calculations, so I’m hoping that, and my essay on why I wanna be admitted, will do the trick.

Next Tuesday, I start the Nursing Concepts class and next Friday I take the HESI exam (Nursing school entrance test), so I’ll report then.

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