Getting that New Bike Itch Again

I’ll admit it, I’m getting that want-a-new-bike itch once more.

As much as I love my Townie (and I really do), I very much miss my Amsterdam Dutch-style bike. Recently I have seen a Dutch-style city bikes around South Beach made by Republic. Their Plato bikes, the name of their oma-style, are stylish and practical and just beautiful to look at. Last week or so, I saw on Twitter that Republic had teamed up with CB2 to create two models exclusive to the store built on the Plato design. They have arrived and I had a chance to see them in person this weekend.

This is the Abuela model (oma means grandmother in Dutch, same as abuela in Spanish), their “women’s” bike. More correctly, it is their step-through model, with the Abuelo being the more traditional diamond-frame model. In Holland, both bike models are unisex, something we still need to inculcate to the customer base here in the US.

That aside, there are reasons why I’m feeling more attracted to the step-through but I won’t go into that now. For now, I’m just gonna look at it and keep thinking, pondering, trying to hold myself from scratching that want-a-new-bike itch until I know that it’s not just a passing whim.


  1. This may not be exactly the right place to post this but there is a connection with which sort of bike type questions:

    I visit Miami Beach from time to time for long weekend breaks.

    I am thinking of coming for an extended vacation at some point – probably winter for three or four months – might turn into retirement hidey-hole……[ am 59].

    I can see that South Beach is the ideal location for getting around on a bike [ are there plans for dedicated bike lanes at all ? ] but if one lived here and wanted to get into Miami proper two or three times a week for galleries / the Arscht Center and so on would that really work to do on a bike from Sobe ?

    What I see of Miami traffic on the bus from the airport to Sobe terrifies me, although doubtless there are less busy roads than the ones taken by the bus.

    I see some efforts are being made to make Miami City more bike friendly – but when I look at the map of bike lanes I don’t actually see very much.

    What could be good would be if local bike riders could set up a regular guided tour of Miami by bike [ starting from Sobe ?? ] on a weekend so that newcomers / tourists could get both a look at Miami from a bike and a feeling of how / whether bikes would work for us on a more permanent level.

    On the subject of a suitable bike – I am used to a sort of high riding position ( not quite ‘Dutch sit up and beg’ but that looks comfortable ) and maybe that would be best for around Sobe. But once the distances get longer [ two or three miles just to get across the water to Miami? ] maybe there are diminishing returns with a bike that heavy.

    Maybe what I want does not exist : the comfortable position of a sit up straight with fat wheels and suspension both front and rear – combined with a very light frame and whatever else you need technically to get the most ( and easiest ) mileage from the least effort physically [ but NO – NOT a battery bike as that would end any hopes of getting SOME exercise on a regular basis ]

    Please feel free to re-post this in wherever would be more suitable …..

    ps – is there a SOBE Cyclists Forum ?


  2. Google “Trek Cocoa 2012”. Trek came up with an aluminum 3-speed dutch-style bike. I’d love to try one! 😀


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