Spring Break 2011 Update

As I write this, Spring Break is soon to be over and honestly, for all that I’m happy that I had this week off, I’m ready to go back to classes. Don’t get me wrong, this mental vacation was needed and appreciated, but after a week off, I’ve lost my routine and thinking of going back to classes now makes me all bleh. Feeling bleh about my classes is not something I can afford, so I’m looking forward to using this break as a chance to recharge and mount a new, stronger attack upon my classes.

So what did you do during your spring break? Travel? Go to the beach (lord knows Miami Beach has been infested with the lot of you for the past 3 weeks and counting)? I’ll tell you what I did. Fundraising.

As my spring break vacation started, Japan got hit by a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake and a 10-meter ensuing tsunami that, a week later, is still making its effects felt and revealing the lives it took (more than 8000 as of this writing and rising). I spent Friday putting together a fundraising bundle based around one of the roleplaying game sourcebooks I sell via my company, Highmoon Games, which is all about Tokugawa-era Japan. I then got in touch with a fellow geek and over the weekend we put together another 20-page RPG sourcebook based around Mythic Japan which as of Tuesday I announced as an incentive towards donations to help Japan. As I write this, the Japan Relief bundle has raised more than $1000 and the second product I co-wrote has driven at least half that much in donations to various organizations.

Some people have called me a good man for having done all this. I thank them for their kind words, but honestly, I am simply doing all that is within my power to help Japan recover from the 5th most powerful earthquake in recorded history. I made a decision that I would try to lead my life making an impact in the world, helping others whenever possible. This was just putting that in practice.

As I head back to classes, how am I doing so far? Honestly, I could be doing better:

  • Anatomy Lecture: I got a 95 in exam 1, and a 78 in exam 2.
  • Anatomy Lab: I got an 88 in exam 1, exam 2 is next week.
  • Chemistry Lecture: I got a 76 in exam 1, 60 in exam 2.
  • Chemistry Lab: No exams, but been doing well in my individual labs.

Of all those grades, the 78 in Anatomy is the one that hurts the most. I knew that material well, but there was just a lot of stuff to cover (skeletal and muscular system) and I missed enough details to drop like that. I still have two exams to go, so I gotta work to bring that up. I really want an A in Anatomy.

In Chemistry, though those numbers look horrible, the curve is such that those are actually a B and C. I have to put actual effort into this class–I simply do not like it–because I don’t want it to mess up my GPA at the end of the semester, but I can tell you, it’s gonna be hard work.

There’s just one more month of classes left and from now on I also gotta get ready to take the Nursing entrance exam and apply to the FIU School of Nursing as well as to other Nursing programs in the area, just in case. Lots of work, lots to do.

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