First Month of Classes Spring 2011

Well, first month and a half, but who’s keeping track. Keeping the tradition from my last semester, this one has also been a busy one right from the start.

Over the winter break I started working at the FIU Bookstore, administered by Barnes & Noble, and it’s been a great little job. It also means that I’ve had little time off since the start of classes; if I’m not in class, I’m at work. Which is a good, if tiring, situation to be in. Though the start-of-classes rush has now died down and hours have been scaled back, I was kept past the temp period which bodes well for me. We’ll see once March rolls around as that’s when they have to make a choice if to keep me or let me go.

As far as classes, I was hoping this would be my last Pre-Nursing semester, but that won’t be the case. I am taking:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Human Anatomy Demonstration (Lab)
  • Survey of Chemistry
  • Chemistry Lab

In those four classes I have 9 credits, which is actually a lot for 2 classes and 2 labs. And let me tell you, that’s a good load right there. I was hoping to add Intro to Nursing to finish off my pre-reqs, but the class had a name change that wasn’t reported on the School of Nursing website so I couldn’t register on time. I’ll be taking it in the summer.

Anatomy is a survey of the human body and it’s at 6:40 AM twice a week. Yes, 6:40 AM. That’s just the way it is; no other sections, always at that time regardless of the semester it is taught. It’s not that bad, the early wake-up time aside. The professor is good and animated, a must for such an early class.

The Anatomy Lab is taught by the same professor and entails identifying on models and cadavers the various parts we study in the lecture. I was proud of myself for not batting an eyelash at the cadaver on the first day of class. Touching it has been a bit weird but I’m getting used to it. I will never eat beef jerky again, though. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Survey of Chemistry is, well, boring. Not really, Chem is interesting, but we’re going so fast over basic concepts in order to cover General, Organic and Bio Chemistry, that all it amounts to right now to me is “math with letters.” I’m finding I remember more material from my high school days than what has been taught in class. But I gotta trudge on.

Chem Lab is your standard mad scientist setup and as we start mixing things up in flasks and seeing strange reactions it gets better.

By now I’ve had exams in both classes and the Anatomy Lab. I got a 93/100 on my Anatomy lecture test, which was awesome, and while I just took my Anatomy Lab exam and have not seen the results I do expect to have done well, too. On my Chemistry lab I am not so sure; I think I did ok, but how ok is what remains to be seen.

Overall a good semester, a busy semester with lots of material to learn and memorize, plus work. I can see that Nursing program already on the horizon, though.

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