Gamer Resolutions for 2011

I did it last year, so hey, let’s make it a tradition, shall we? First a look back at gaming in 2010, then gaming resolutions for 2011.

2010 Gaming Moments

With my going back to university this year, gaming took a backseat role in my life (that is, beyond what little gaming I was already doing to begin with). At the start of the year I finished the Lady Blackbird game I had been playing online via Skype (and I’m cheating here since this was included in my 2009 Gaming Moments recap). Then, there was nothing up until Gen Con in August, where I got to play Colonial Gothic and run a game of ICONS, as well as play a fair number of boardgames. After that? Fast forward to late December when I got to play a couple of games of Dragon Age and D&D 4th Edition.

So how did I do on my 2010 Gamer Resolutions?

  • Play D&D 4e – Done! With just a couple days left in 2010, but done.
  • Play any of the following games: Burning Wheel, Dogs in the Vineyard, Don’t Rest Your Head, Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies, Colonial Gothic, Ribbon Drive, Savage Worlds – Done. I did say “any” and I got to play Colonial Gothic at Gen Con.
  • Run a game for my wife – Fail. This just didn’t happen.
  • Play with people face-to-face/find a gaming group – Fail. I got to play face-to-face with people but not forming a group of my own.
  • Go to Gen Con – Done.
    • Corollary: Game with my Skype group in person and/or continue playing the Star Wars Primetime Adventures game from 2007-08 – Fail. Of the people involved in these groups, I was the only one at Gen Con.
  • Work on Ierne – Fail/Done. I didn’t work on Ierne, but I did work on a new game for part of the year.
  • Not feel guilty when I game – Work In Progress.

2011 Gamer Resolutions

I’ll shorten the list even more than last year to have an even better chance at accomplishing all.

  • Play at least once a month – I know this one’s going to be hard to do because of classes, but I’ll include it to spur me to try. Face-to-face, online, one-shot, whatever.
  • Go to Gen Con – I don’t assume making it to Gen Con is a given, so it gets included here so I can strive for it. Hopefully my friends will also make it as well.
  • Run a game for my wife – I’m carrying this one over from last year. Hopefully we’ll be in a situation at some point where we can make this happen.
  • Write/design game material – Be it Ierne, a new game that I’ve got in mind, gaming-related posts in my own blog, or keeping up the Dragon Age Oracle, I want to make sure I write game stuff during the year regularly, if only to carry me during the lulls in play.
  • Not feel guilty when I game – Just like last year, this is a work in progress.

Five resolutions, and fairly general at that, so I have a good chance at achieving them.

Game on, 2011!