36 For Life Birthday Blood Drive

Throughout this year, I have had one little mission. While my mom was in the hospital last year, she had a total of 12 pints of blood transfused into her at various times during her 4 months in the hospital. I decided that I would repay those 12 pints and donate them myself. So far during 2010, I’ve donated 5 pints, the most recent one being yesterday afternoon (it would’ve been 6, but last time I went to donate, I tried to donate red blood cells but my vein got infiltrated and it had to be scrapped). That means that I’ll be done with my mission at the end of next year. But I want to do more.

On Oct 12, I will turn 36 years old. In Hebrew, the number 18 is pronounced “chai,” life, and thus I’ll be turning two-times-chai. I’m running with the theme of “life” a bit and have decided that for my birthday, instead of gifts, what I would like is to host a virtual blood drive. Given that today is my Hebrew birthday (26 Tishrei), it seems like the perfect day to launch it.


I’m looking for 35 other fine people who will commit to donate a pint of blood during the month of October. Just let me know in the comments that you’re signing up and later let me know the date of your donation. That’s it.

Donating blood can be tricky, and sometimes the best intentions are foiled by physiological realities, so I’m willing to account for a small percentage of failed donations, though my ideal goal would be to have all 36 pints be successful donations.

To find blood donation sites, check your local listings for Red Cross offices, or for any dedicated blood donation organization (for example, in South Florida we have the Community Blood Centers of South Florida).

I hope that you’ll join me (and if I get more than 36 participants even better) in this good deed. I can tell you from experience and without the shadow of a doubt that donated blood indeed saves lives. Let’s get together and do that, shall we?

Addendum – 11/01/10
We didn’t reach 36, but I’d rather focus on what we did get, that being a few donated pints of blood that will help someone keep having a chance at life. That is what is important, and that is what I take from this.

Thanks to all that pledged and donated during October. Also thanks to those who pledged during October, right in the nick of time, and will donate in the near future. Thanks to all who wanted to donate but for whatever reason could not. Thanks to all who now may consider donating at some point in the future.


  1. Daniel,

    What a wonderful way to celebrate you, to celebrate your mother, and to celebrate life…by passing it on to others through blood donation!

    I hope you will receive your birthday wish and get 36 donations in October. We are publishing your link on our Facebook page to help you get there!

    Happy Birthday and thank you for your many selfless gifts,

    Tracy Amara
    Community Blood Centers of Florida


  2. Daniel,

    This is a great idea and I very much wish I could help, unfortunately my time spent in Eastern Europe has resulted in my ineligibility to give blood (I used to do it all the time.) Nevertheless I think this is a wonderful thing for you to do.

    Scott Carter


  3. Daniel,
    Saw your post on Community Blood Centers of South Florida Facebook page. Count me
    in for a platelet donation on the 9th and on the 23rd of October.

    Again, much praise to you for this effort.

    Best Wishes,
    Alan Sisisky


  4. I saw this too late to ACTUALLY donate in October, but I’ll pledge IN October, to donate in November.


  5. A great effort, Daniel, and I’m sorry I can’t participate. I gave at the end of August, so I’m ineligible to donate again until November. Sorry I can’t help you fill up your list, but be assured the dedicated donors are out there.


  6. We may be out there, but we apparently can’t do math. I skipped a month! I’ll make a donation today. 🙂


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