The FIU Cruiser Bike

Though I’ve been back at FIU since the start of this year, it’s only now in the Fall that I’m taking a significant number of classes in the main campus down south. It was in the Graham Student Center where one morning I saw this amazing beauty (click to enlarge):

This is the FIU Cruiser, a fully restored and customized steel-framed cruiser meant to be the pride of Florida International University.

I first read about the FIU Cruiser in a news article posted to FIU News back in August. Allow me to quote a couple passages:

John “Jay” Stewart has spent the last couple of months creating the ultimate FIU bike. It was a labor of love for Stewart, who works in Campus Services at Modesto A. Maidique Campus. He says he wanted to give the university, where he’s worked for more than 20 years, a token of his appreciation. He spent 40 hours stripping the 1950s era replica, painting it and adding all the bells and whistles.

Let me tell you, it is a drop-dead gorgeous beauty of a bike. Check out this video for some words from the creator:



It is currently being exhibited at the Barnes & Noble @ FIU Bookstore in the Graham Student Center at FIU Modesto Maidique Campus.

I wanna see the baby roll around campus, though. I wanna see it at all FIU games and events, and I want to see it at general city and county events where it can promote the university. Like, say, the upcoming Bike Miami Day in Downtown Miami.

If you can, drop by the university to check the bike out. If you’re an FIU student or alumnus, you almost have no excuse not to.


  1. I saw it yesterday in the book store but I couldn’t stop to get a good look since I was in the middle of my “College Olympics Marathon,” but I’ll be sure to stop by GC soon to check it out again.


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