rpgKids: Play an RPG today with your little kids

rpgKidsWe’ve partnered up with NewbieDM.com to bring to a wider audience their simple, introductory game of fantasy adventures, rpgKids.

From the author:

Here’s a description in a nutshell:  A very simple RPG consisting of opposed die rolls using a d12, while encouraging kids to think creatively, perform simple arithmetic, and have fun!

The fully bookmarked, 24 page PDF also includes funny and kid friendly hand drawn tokens for both heroes and monsters, character cards and a printable 1? grid.

But that’s not all, because it also includes a full introductory adventure, designed to show all the rules of the game at work, within the context of a fun quest.

You can learn more about rpgKids, as well as see some videos of the game being played, at NewbieDM.com/rpgKids.

Now Available at RPGnow for $2.99.