ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying Game at Gen Con

I’m going to be running a game of ICONS at Gen Con, and I got line artists Dan Houser to do some art for the game.

What’s it about? Read on!

The premise is simple:

A cosmic force has taken over superhero RPG designer Steve Kenson and turned him into the maniacal RULES LAWYER! It’s up to The Conventioneers to stop him before he erases from existence all forms of gaming!

Players will use one of the pre-generated characters and battle the minions of Rules Lawyer. The heroes are:

  • Roleplayer – Armed with the Sword of 1000 Faces, he can take the shape of any humanoid he’s ever played as a PC.
  • Cardslinger – Fastest one-combo-kill on the Pro Circuit, she slings her supercharged cards to bring justice!
  • Dicechucker – Lady Luck’s favored daughter, she always rolls a natural 20. Always.
  • Wargamer – This grognard commands his miniature armies and reshapes the terrain to deliver a massive attack against Evil.

I’ve scheduled the game for Friday, August 6, from 3:00 to 6:00 PM (location to be determined). I’m a first-time Icons GM, so this is going to be an easy, learn-as-we-go adventure to the tune of a Saturday morning cartoon, with a very strong Bam! Pow! ZONK! vibe.

NEWS: Prize Support!

Adamant Entertainment (Twitter: @AdamantEnt) has been extremely kind and offered a prize support for this game! Upon completion of our game, the players will decide among themselves who was the best at the table and that person will receive a brand new print copy of ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying, either at the show if they’re not sold out or shipped home if they have.

Many thanks to Adamant for this great treat.

Want to play? Let me know over at this thread or below.


  1. Awesome! Hope it goes well. Sadly, I will be working in the demo mines during that time slot.

    Hopefully we can get you to release this afterward as a module.


  2. I’ll play. I could even bring along another player or two if you like, although none of us have played Icons before.


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