My Gen Con Schedule

As I write this, Gen Con is just about a week and a half away and I cannot wait to board the plane that will take me from Miami to an extended weekend full of gaming goodness in Indianapolis. Seriously, I am stoked. I missed Gen Con last year due to the death of my mother so this year’s con will be making up for two years of Gen Con awesomeness.

This year I will be working alongside my friends at Rogue Games, repping their games at their booth (#1539 ), hopping to get gamers to try out their very excellent games Colonial Gothic, Thousand Suns and the new Shadow, Sword & Spell. Why work with Rogue Games? Two reasons: Richard Iorio asked for volunteers to help him staff the booth and given I always go to Gen Con with an empty schedule, I did not see any issue with lending a hand; in fact, I was thrilled to do so. That is related to the second reason: I have been to Gen Con three times before, as a regular gamer once and as a member of the media twice, and I wanted to experience the con from the side of the vendors. I am a publisher, but my products so far are all electronic, so this is an opportunity to get an education on what it takes to staff a booth at the con which will hopefully pay off in the future once I have physical games to take there for sale. It also relates to a general shift in philosophy in my life, that of helping others; it is the reason why I decided to start studying Nursing at 35, and it also influenced my decision here. By helping Richard, I am able to gain a small personal benefit in terms of a learning experience, but mainly I am able to help him have a more relaxed con experience since he won’t be running the booth by himself as he has done in years past. Win-win situation.


If you want to find me, here are the hours I will be working the Rogue Games booth, arguably the best times to pin me in one place. Know that if you drop by, along with the greetings, I will also talk to you about the awesome games at our booth.

Wednesday, Aug 4
1:oo PM – Arrive in Indy. I’m staying at the Embassy Suites.
7:00 PM – Playing in a Colonial Gothic game.

Thursday, Aug 5
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM – At the Rogue Games booth (#1539 ).
7:00 PM – Dinner with the Rogue Games staff.
9:00 PM – Running a Colonial Gothic game (see the comments).

Friday, Aug 6
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM – At the Rogue Games booth (#1539 ).
3:00 – Running an ICONS game (see the comments).
8:00 PM – Shabbat dinner. If you’re a Jew who’d like to join me and David Miller from Purple Pawn Gaming News website, leave a note in the comments, please.

Saturday, Aug 7
It’s Shabbat, so I’m off-duty. I’ll be walking around the hall and playing games with friends.
8:00 – At the Media Meet & Greet.
9:00 – Running a playtest of my vampire game-in-progress, When The Fall… (see the comments).

Sunday, Aug 8
1:00 PM to 5:00 PM – At the Rogue Games booth (#1539 ).
5:00 PM to 6:30 PM – Breaking down the Rogue Games booth. After this, I am free for the evening.

Monday, Aug 9
Fly back to Miami


I plan to run three games during the con though I do not have any set times yet. These are:

ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying
A cosmic force has taken over superhero RPG designer Steve Kenson and turned him into the maniacal RULES LAWYER! It’s up to The Conventioneers to stop him before he erases from existence all forms of gaming!
4 Players, pre-made characters.

Colonial Gothic Role Playing Game
Paul Revere has called on you to hunt down an escaped werewolf somewhere on the outskirts of Boston. Will you find the beast before it claims more lives and jeopardizes the nascent revolution? Loosely-based sequel to Revere: Revolution in Silver (PDF, Print) from Archaia Entertainment LLC (it helps if you’ve read it, but not necessary).
3-4 Players, pre-made characters.

Unnamed Vampire Role Playing Game Playtest
If you’ve been following my Rebuilding Vampire series on this blog, I will be running the very first playtest of the vampire game I’ve been building (working title: When The Fall…). This will be extremely rough-&-tumble as the rules are still new and in flux. This will be work. You will be helping me to see how the first draft of this game moves outside of my head. Hopefully you will also have fun.
2-3 Players, by invitation only. You need to have a good knowledge of Vampire tropes in gaming, as I expect I will be using a lot of shorthand to get the game moving. More info on this in a future post.

As for what I’ll be playing, I only know that I have a game of Colonial Gothic set up at the moment, and that I will be looking to play as much as I can. We’ll see what I can find.

On A Personal Note

Sunday, August 8th, will be the first anniversary of my mother’s death, her yarhzeit. I know it will be a hard day for me; I’m preparing myself mentally for it. I’m glad I will have good friends around as well. She would want me to be happy while at Gen Con, and I intend to honor her wishes and memory.

I will need to say kaddish that day, so I will need a minyan at some point during the day, ideally during the morning. If you are a Jewish man, and can help me out meet the quorum of 10, please let me know so we can coordinate to meet for 5 minutes. I will appreciate it in ways you cannot even imagine.

I will have my phone with me, which means you can find me via email, Twitter (@Highmoon) and also I’ll be using Foursquare to check-in to my location (4sq: Highmoon).

See you at Gen Con.


  1. I’m using this space to update the info on the games I’m running, the time and place when they’re happening, and who’s signed up to play already.

    Colonial Gothic RPG – Thursday 8/5, 9:00 – 12:00 Midnight, Embassy Suites Lobby
    1. Enrique Bertran aka @NewbieDM –
    2. Quinn Murphy aka @Gamefiend –
    3. Alex Bertran
    4. David Miller aka @LodestoneDavid –

    ICONS RPG – Friday 8/6, 3:00 – 6:00 PM, TBA
    1. Tim Jensen
    2. Eloy Lasanta
    3. Kristen Espinosa

    When The Fall… Playtest – Saturday 8/7, 9:00 – 12:00 Midnight, Embassy Suites Lobby
    1. Time Jensen
    2. Chris S. Sims


  2. Assuming you still have room for your Vampire tribute game-in-progress, can I sign up for “When The Fall” ?


  3. Looking forward to seeing you, sir! Richard is running a game (CG or SS&S for our group Friday night, I believe), but we will be early visitors to the Rogue Games booth—I have a preview copy of SS&S, and that’s been enough to convince me I need to pick up the print version ASAP. Also need print copy of Colonial Gothic Revised. See you there!


  4. There is always Skype. I was chatting with Rich last night and we talked about play-testing Bigs and CttH over Skype as soon as possible.


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