Open Call: ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying One-Shots

Recently, Adamant Entertainment released their new superheroes roleplaying game, ICONS, written by Steve Kenson. The game is meant to be an easy-to-use, pick-up alternative to more elaborate supers RPGs and is very reminiscent of the Marvel Superheroes RPG from the 80s. As evidenced by our love of 4C System, another game meant to emulate that same Marvel Superheroes vibe, we could not help but fall in love with ICONS.

Since we already have our line of superheroic one-shots for 4C System called Heroic Moments, we’ve decided to expand it to include ICONS support via Adamant’s Icons Compatibility License.


We are looking for the following:

Heroic Moments for ICONS

Complete one-shot adventures set up in the same format as our Heroic Moments line for ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying game (our suggestion: buy a couple samples and study the format). These are very short superheroic set-ups meant to be played in a single session. They provide a situation, a clearly-defined villain/opposition, and a goal. These are not full-fledged adventures. Though the focus of the product is the adventure, a couple bonus items of new mechanics at the end are perfectly fine if they are tied to the situation presented. You will use ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying game for all game mechanics and your adventure must 100% compatible with this game. Heroic Moments are usually between 1500-2000 words long, and payment is $10, payable upon acceptance of final product, for all rights.

To submit your idea, send an email to submissions [AT] with the subject line ICONS HM SUBMISSION. In the text area, tell us your idea for the Heroic Moment in a few sentences only: basic situation, how to hook up the heroes, who/what is the opposition, and the goal. If you’ll include new mechanics, mention them as well. If we approve your idea, you would have 2 weeks to deliver the final manuscript for edits. If you do not follow these instructions we won’t look at your submission. If you cannot commit to possibly having a final manuscript in 2 weeks from acceptance of your submitted idea, do not submit at all.

We will be looking for about 10 such adventures in this Open Call.

BONUS: If you can submit your Heroic Moments adventure with stats for both ICONS and 4C System, we’ll up the payment to $15.

4C-to-ICONS Conversions

Someone to convert our current Heroic Moments products for the 4C System to ICONS stats. Payment is $5 for each conversion, payable upon acceptance of final product. Ideally we’re looking for one person to handle all six conversions.

To apply for the conversion gig, send an email to submissions [AT] with the subject line ICONS HM CONVERSION and tell me a bit about why you’d be good for this. Please also mention if you would be able to do all six conversions. Based on your info, I’ll give you a test product to convert and if all goes well, then you get the job. Once a product has been handed in for conversion, I expect it to be handed back in its final form within one week. If you end up getting all six conversions, I expect them all to be done within 1 month. If you cannot meet these deadlines, please do not apply.

This Open Call will close on July 18.

All ICONS-licensed products go on sale August 1st.

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