The Start-of-Summer Sale: 50% Off, June 1-30

кухненски столовеHighmoon Games Summer SaleLet’s not kid ourselves. It’s June, it’s summer; even if the “official” first day of summer is June 21, once June hits it is summer. And summer means gaming (well, it also means the start of Hurricane Season, but let’s not talk about that). To celebrate the start of gaming season, we are doing a month-long sale meant to get you trying out new products that you can use in your games the very same day you buy them.

For the entire month of June, our whole catalog is on sale for 50% off regular price! Not only that, we’re actually making available all our d20 stock which had been unavailable for months, just for June, and then it’s all gone.

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Sample all our products, from d20 to Pathfinder, from d20 Future to D&D 4th Edition, and even fiction, too! All at 50% off.

Kick off summer today!

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