A Nice Dedication from Emerald Press

I knew this was coming, though I wasn’t sure when. Well, it dropped today.

Todd Crapper of Emerald Press has dedicated their newest product, The Key of the Fey, a D&D 4th Edition adventure, to the memory of my mom.

You can see the dedication on the preview available at the product page, which I have expanded here (click to enlarge):

So what’s the story?

Back in late 2008/early 2009, I answered Todd’s open call for an editor for an upcoming D&D 4e product. I was looking for freelance work, and especially looking to build up my Editor credits. Todd and I spoke and I was brought on board to edit this adventure once writing had finished.

Then February came and Mom went into the hospital for the first time that year. I flew to PR, spent 3 weeks there, etc. I got back to Miami and received some early drafts of the adventure to start looking at, which I did for the window of time I spent in Miami before Mom’s next trip to the hospital. Long story short, as my time in Puerto Rico lengthened, it became clear that, as much as I wanted to and as much as Todd was gracious enough to give me extensions, I was just not going to be able to properly edit the adventure for Emerald Press. My time, my attention, my mind were all occupied with taking care of Mom. I spoke to Todd and I left the production team, though he was nice enough to continue to update me on the progress of the project.

Late 2009/early 2010, Todd contacted me and asked if I would be ok with him dedicating the adventure, The Key of the Fey, to the memory of my mom. I was surprised by this offer, humbled really, and after some back and forth I accepted. He asked me if I wanted to write the dedication, and I tried to write something but could never really set down what I wanted to say. In the end I left it to Todd and I believe the stark simplicity of the words he chose say all that is needed to say.

(I also realize the irony of the fact that this post could very well be what could have been turned in to Todd for the dedication.)

The Key of the Fey is an adventure for mercenary characters; not evil, just driven by reward. Todd and I joked about whether either of our moms would really approve of the adventure (we both agreed they probably wouldn’t!). But Mom did know how much gaming means to me, how much writing means to me, and how much the work I do related to game publishing, whether my own or as a freelancer, means to me. Of that she would be proud and approve of, so I’m cool with this dedication.

Thanks to Todd for this nice gesture. We both thank you.


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