ChipIn To Help Out VulcanStev

Fellow RPG Blogger VulcanStev (Steve Nibbelink) is going through a really tough time. His wife, Virginia, has very advanced cancer and is currently hospitalized, soon to enter hospice. Steve and Virginia have been married for 22 years and are parents to 3 children. You can read Steve’s own posts and updates on his blog:

May 12 Update: Mrs Virginia Nibbelink passed away around 1:20 AM CST with her husband Steve at her side.

Last year, while I was away in Puerto Rico attending to my Mom, who was also dying of cancer, a lot of friends and friends-I’ve-never-met-in-person chipped-in to help out with whatever cash they could. Aside from the warm feeling of knowing so many people cared, I cannot tell you how helpful that money came in. Caring for a person with cancer takes a toll on everyone and everything, and a few extra bucks can mean a world of difference.

Last year folks helped me. Today, I am pledging my help to Steve, and asking all those who can to chip in whatever they can. Click on the ChipIn button and follow the instructions.


I’ve set it up for 2 weeks collection time so we can get this over to Steve as soon as possible. Also, spread the word among your networks.

Thanks for for reading, for helping, and above all, for keeping a human being in need of support in your mind, heart and prayers.?


  1. Thank you for the wonderful way you are “paying it forward”. My son is a cancer survivor and also did the wonderful thing of “paying it forward” for another friend in his school that had cancer. My son now has the honor of singing at Virginia’s memorial with the youth group that has benefited from knowing this wonderful woman. We also had the wonderful honor of calling Steve’s family our family and getting to know them on a very personal basis. Thank you for all the love and support that you have been showing Steve. God Bless.


  2. Daniel, the fund you set up raised nearly $1,000. How I wish I could say that this money solves the problems the boys and I are facing. That said the kindness and generosity of the RPG community has been overwhelming. The money doesn’t bring my wife back but it goes a long way towards getting us through a difficult month.

    Thank you.


  3. @Vulcan Stev
    One of the things I had to learn was not to feel guilty once I started getting money from Mom’s insurances etc. I felt dirty using it. It passes. I’d give up all the cash, embroil myself in 10 times the debt I had, to have Mom back, but that doesn’t bring her back. Neither will this money you got. But it helps. And it’s what some can do to show they care. And I know from personal experience the gratitude one feels. So no problem, Steve. Take care, all of you.


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