Update & New Bike

Rumors of me giving up my bike are greatly exaggerated. 🙂

I’m around, but my first semester back in university has been very busy. On top of that, having had my bike stolen left me grounded for a few weeks, though that isn’t the case anymore. However, I have realized that I need to reduce the amount of projects I have going in order to better follow through with them.

In the very near future (read: as soon as I get some time from school), I will be migrating Slow Bike Miami from its own website into a consolidated part of my personal site, DMPerez.com. I’ve already directed readers there for the last two posts I made, so I might as well just make it official. By doing this, I can blog more easily about my bike adventures alongside my regular blog posts about all the other stuff I’m into.

If you arrive here by going to www.SlowBikeMiami.com, that URL will redirect to the proper category on my blog. If you read this via the RSS feed, I will likewise redirect so you don’t miss anything. The disruption should be minimal, if all goes well.

And to make this more than just a newscast, let me introduce to you all my new bicycle, a metallic blue Electra Townie!

Electra Townie

Yes, I like Electras.  😉


  1. Hi, Im in FTL.

    I ride everywhere. I drive if the distance is too much. LOVEEE slow biking. I have a Cannondale Bad Boy now. It was my Christmas present to myself.
    It is fun, fast but very uncomfy. I just simply hate leaning forward. I don’t like road bikes. Love Rivendell and their road bike design–Im just not comfortable with the leaning forward and the straight or drop bars.

    So, I am looking tobuy a Dutchie. For all purposes the Amsterdam will suffice. Unfortunately, it has recall issues.

    It sure was fun to ride though. I also have tothink I have totake the bike up a flight of stairs. Do I want to lug up and down daily a $1300 beast from Batavus? Leaving outside is not an option.

    Recently rode the autogear shift from Trek–didn’t like.
    Rode a Trek Pure–didnt like.

    I have a 1969 Schwinn. It is a beast actually quite painful to ride. Im always getting scratched, bruised–and she is heavy. Selling her too. LOL!

    Do you like the Townie? Did you try Globe? Jamis?


  2. What a fun color on your electra! They are great road bikes, and sometimes those handle bars make the ride even more fun. I think a big seat is a great addition to any bike, and having the nice big tires like you have there, are of a value too.

    I really like the Wald baskets, you might want to upgrade the water bottle on the front, and see if that works out better for you. Or do you use a backpack? Packing can be a bummer, unless it rains!

    Glad to see you got your new bike! I think every biker needs a couple:)


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