Safe To Browse Again

Yesterday (Apr 8) I got a notification that this website,, was being listed as a Malware Attack Site by Google.

After some hair-pulling, some not-so-great interactions with Dreamhost, and a lot of awesome help by Stuart Robertson of Robertson Games, I finally found the source of the problem: my site had been hacked and a php file inserted into my main account folder; this file was sending out links to malware distribution sites. Once found, I deleted the offending file and submitted my site to Google for review.

I’m happy to say that Google has cleared the warning on and it is safe to drop by again!

To all hackers out there: I hope your own sites and machines get hit by an even better hacker and turned into pulp. And yes, there are better hackers than you, asshat.


  1. This is why I am no longer hosting my own site. I had enough of that hacker shit in the last two years to last me a lifetime.


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