Still Around

Rumors of my abduction by aliens are greatly exaggerated. I’m still around, just busy with other stuff.

Since my last post, Spring Break came and went, Passover came and went and I’ve been hella-busy with things dealing with both. During Spring Break I did most of the cleaning for Passover, as well as school work (what happened to the “break” part? Is nothing sacred anymore?!). The week after I did more Passover prep work (those who are not Jewish and don’t do Passover just trust me here when I say Passover prep is a huge deal) as well as more school work and studying for tests (to my Psychology prof, who scheduled a test the week after Spring Break: that was evil). Then finally the week of Passover came around, and to top it all off with whipped cream, I had an in-class presentation for Ethics that I almost just decided to skip and take the 0 in, but ended up writing the morning of, then went to class only to find that the room was locked and our prof canceled class and moved my group to the very end of the queue. Then Passover finally arrived and I’ve been offline for over a week.

Finals are about to start as well, so posts will likely remain sporadic until late April/early May. But I’m around. I’ll have more to say on Ierne and Rebuilding Vampire, as well as a end-of-semester recap on school and commuting.

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