Ongoing Design Journal: Rebuilding Vampire

Over on my personal blog, I have been writing about a project that kind of came out of nowhere and has shoved its way to the top of my list.

It all started with me writing a post about wanting to play Vampire: The Masquerade again and why. It then turned into a love letter to that game. And from there it erupted into a series of (ongoing) posts exploring how I would rebuild a game about vampires to tackle the essential themes I felt Vampire touched upon but didn’t press hard enough. And thus I’m now Rebuilding Vampire.

That tag will link you to all the posts so far in the series, with the most recent at the top. Feel free to read through and comment if so inclined (I love feedback!).

Is this for eventual publication? I’m operating on the principle of: let me get the game done first and then we’ll see what happens with it. Enjoy the ride.