First Month of Classes

I better get this written down before I blink and February is halfway gone!

So how did January go at school? Not bad, overall. My classes have progressed along just fine, and I’m doing just fine in all of them except for one.

In Human Physiology we’ve covered a lot of material. A lot. The test was actually today, but today is Feb so I’ll talk about this later on. But I’m getting it. I’m not having any problems with the material, and what’s even better, I’m recalling more and more whatever I had learned before and adding it to the new things I’m learning. It’s a bit of a mess in my head because some stuff is recalled in Spanish and other in English, but I can make sense of it just fine.

In Ethics I’m having a blast; I feel at home in that class because it reminds me so much of my time in the higher-level Literature classes. The prof is a very enjoyable fellow who makes the material amenable and easy to comprehend. I’ve been doing just fine in the weekly quizzes we have to take, as well as in the discussion questions he puts up for us to respond to (I’ve been doing Internet forums for a long time). I absolutely hate that we have to do a group project, but at least at the moment my group seems to be working fine and we do have a topic that is interesting and can yield a good result.

In Psychology I already had my first test and I aced it, getting a 96/100. The topic is interesting, especially because I love the idea of figuring out people (even if I can’t figure out myself). The class’s only drawback is the size, but the prof has managed to keep it under control thus far. We’ve already started with Human Development, so we’re going at a good pace.

In Statistics I am utterly and completely lost, however. The professor is just not helpful at all, even if he goes over the material over and over every few days. It’s just his way of speaking and teaching: it comes across as confrontational, though I know it isn’t. But in the end, he’s just not conducive to learning the material. I’ve decided to simply learn Statistics from the book and show up for the attendance requirement; if I happen to pick anything up from him, then better. It does mean I am very lost in this class, and that worries me. My test is Feb 23, so I hope I can figure it all out by then.

And finally, the Human Physiology Lab is going along well, as well. The TA that’s leading the group is a bit of a pain in the ass, since she has a bit of an attitude and rushes us a lot when doing the experiments, but I’m hoping she’ll chill out. Otherwise I’ll mention it to her, or to the Lab Director if that doesn’t make things improve. But I’m loving all the experiments so far. And I have a lab coat and goggles! Also, I now have a Halloween costume.  🙂

Let’s see what February brings.