Blog Posts As Conversations

I’m sometimes asked why I blog and I rarely have a more meaningful answer than “just ’cause.” I’ve been thinking about that answer for a long time, and I think I now have a better one that actually means something.

I blog to have a conversation, sometimes with other people, sometimes with an idea, sometimes–oftentimes–with myself. I also keep a handwritten journal for the same reason, though that one gets the more personal chats, the ones I *may* have with people I love and trust, late at night, quite possibly drunk. May. But I digress.

For whatever reason, I have far more friends whom I mainly connect with online than in person, which means my blog serves another function, that of main line of communication between friends and family and I. It’s not that we don’t comunicate in any other way, but that the blog provides a very handy central point.

It is because I see blogging as a conversation that I also have come to adopt the following policy: always comment on other people’s blog posts. Or at least, almost always.

See, a blog post to me is like we’re sitting around a table, maybe having a beer, and you or I say something. In a face-to-face context, chances are high that we’ll have something to say in response, and then in response to that and so on. Maybe that topic will die down, but then we’ll pick up with something else. That right there is the process of blogging and commenting. When one blogs and there’s no comment to follow, it’s like we’re just sitting around the table completely silent, ignoring what any one is saying. Pretty soon you wonder if you’re alone at the bar talking to yourself.

This is why I’m setting a resolution to be more active in my comments to other people’s posts, because I don’t want them to be talking to themselves.

Check out another perspective on the same topic from Fred Hicks: No Silent Fan.

Likewise, I invite all my readers to comment on my posts; I’m looking to talk with you, not at you.


  1. Indeed! Getting back into blogging and leaving comments and having conversations on the web, and Twitter and facebook has gone a long way to helping me feel connected to the community again. I promise to keep it up and I hope you’ll call me on it if I’m not.


  2. @JJ
    Hey, we’re all trying here. I know I fail sometimes, but in general, it helps to know you are indeed talking to someone.

    Which, makes me wonder if it is ironic that in the blog post where I specifically talk about the importance of leaving comments I have gotten only one so far…



  3. Those are good points. I think one of my resolutions this year is to both blog and comment more. (Well that’s the easy half, now for the hard part.)


  4. I do recognize that if it weren’t for you and JJ, Daniel, the Harping Monkey would be little more than an echo chamber. I really appreciate that, so I am going to commit to being more intentional about it myself. Good call.


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