2009 in Review

I was gonna do an end-of-year review, but to be honest I can’t, not month by month; it’s still too draining going back to the early part of the year, and I’d rather start looking forward. So here are a few pictures that show events from 2009.

My nephew came to visit and we got him a bike.
At El Yunque in PR in Feb.
At El Yunque in PR in Feb.
At El Yunque with Mom, after her first hospitalization, in Feb.
Riding our bikes at Bike Miami Days.

My grandmother's 80th birthday, G-d bless her and keep her.
With Mom, my sister and nephews at Luquillo Beach, after Mom's third hospitalization, in Jun.
Good bye Mom.
Our new cat, Yoshi.
My new bike.
Our new apartments living room, almost done.
Our new apartment's living room, almost done.
At Sleepless Night 09, a few days before our 7th anniversary.

I’m ready for 2010 to start, for my Nursing studies to take off, and for life to get better.

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  1. Great pics – what a cool way to do a year in review. I’m looking forward to 2010 as well. I hope it brings us all that we hope for and more.


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