Highmoon Games in 2009 – End of Year

Back in June I wrote a mid-year state of the company post. Seeing how 2009 is just about to end, I figured I’d go over the second half of the year as well.

In general, things at Highmoon Games have been slow, as predicted in June. The personal issue I was dealing with, the ailment and death of my mother, pretty much took all my time, energy and desire to create so very little got done. That said, two things happened that helped give Highmoon Games a push and re-energize the company (and me).

In October, Highmoon Games became the new owner of One Bad Egg, the D&D 4th Edition publishing suit founded by Fred Hicks & Rob Donoghue (Evil Hat Productions), Justin Jacobson (Blue Devil Games) and Chris Hanrahan (Endgame). The Eggs decided to close the company but wanted to keep the products available to the public, so they approached me, something I am still very honored about. One Bad Egg‘s products are top notch and have become our best sellers by far, giving Highmoon Games a much-needed sales push that has allowed other projects to be funded. Far more important to me, though, is that these fantastic game aids continue to be available for fans of D&D 4e to enjoy.

After almost a year of trying to get things squared away, in early December we announced that Hal Mangold (Green Ronin Publishing, Atomic Overmind Press) had been brought on-board to do the layout for (the very very late) True20 Ancients: Rome. Matthew Kaiser and Spike Y Jones did an amazing job with the words part, and it had been on hold for far too long waiting for the graphic treatment. Bringing Hal in means that book will look like the fantastic tome it is, and I know True20 fans will be delighted once they have it in their hands. It is still too early to announce a release date, but I know we’re all shooting for a 1st Quarter 2010 date.

Not to be overlooked, Highmoon Media Productions (of which Highmoon Games is part of) celebrated its 5th anniversary in October 2009, something that amazes and humbles me, for I could not have made it this far without the support and patronage of great friends, colleagues and customers like you.

In looking to 2010, expect Highmoon Games to remain a bit quiet; I am going back to university to begin a degree in Nursing, so that will take most of my time and effort. Nevertheless, we will have stuff coming out during the year, like the aforementioned True20 Ancients: Rome (via Green Ronin Publishing), more conversions to Pathfinder of our Liber Sodalitas line, and at least one new issue of Targum Magazine. One of the beauties of running such a small company is that I don’t have to set my schedule months in advance, so new projects could show up by surprise. I guess you’ll just have to keep an eye on us.

It’s time to look to the future. Bring it on, 2010.

As a parting gift, take a look at these illustrations from Shawn Gaston, destined to grace the Pathfinder editions of two Liber Sodalitas products. Enjoy!

The Blind Path

Spirit Eater