[Witch Hunter] New Order: The Spear of Phinehas

Even earlier than the project I alluded to in my last Witch Hunter post, I wrote and submitted a new Order of Witch Hunters for a then-upcoming sourcebook (the now-in-stores The Blessed and The Damned). I decided to write up a Jewish Order because it’s an aspect of the setting I was (and still am) very much interested in exploring and that was barely touched upon in the Core Book. I also knew that another writer had also submitted a Jewish Order, as well as the rules for a Kabbalah Sorcerous Tradition.

The other writer turned out to be Walt Ciechanowski, whom I know thanks to his work in the Imperial Age line for Adamant Entertainment. Walt and I have been chatting over email for a while and looking for a way to work together in some project. Walt’s submissions was chosen over mine for the book, and thus The Blessed and The Damned includes The Seekers of Emet, as well as the rules for Kabbalah. Though there are some minor details I would quibble over, I was pleased as punch with the first Jewish Witch Hunter Order released for the game.

Which isn’t to say I wasn’t sad mine wasn’t chosen. The editorial comment I got back said (paraphrasing) that it was basically an Order for Jewish Witch Hunters to be in just because they are Jews; stung a bit at the moment, but a few months later when I looked at it again I could see the feedback was right on target. I set is aside for the time being.

The Spear of Phinehas presents a Jewish Order purportedly founded by King Solomon himself as a band of warrior-scholars that take on the Invisible World with zealous alacrity. They complement The Seekers of Emet acting as scouts and bodyguards for the relic hunters, and have the ability to see into the Invisible World at-will and deliver holy smites upon demons and Accursed.

This Order was not going to be included in the alluded project, but I figured I would put it out there as well for whoever wants to add some more Jewish Orders to their Witch Hunter game. This isn’t precisely the way this Order was submitted (it was called The Guardians of the Tabernacle then); I changed the name and tightened the focus. Hopefully you will like the end result (I do).

The rules have been posted to the Witch Hunter forum in the Paradigm Concepts website, and on Scribd, where it can be read online or downloaded on PDF (or use the widget below).

I hope you enjoy these rules. Please let me know how they work for you, either here or at the PCI Witch Hunter forum thread.

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