[Witch Hunter] New Rules: A Matter of Conviction

Late last year I began to work on a project for the Witch Hunter: The Invisible World roleplaying game, a game which, anyone that knows me can attest, I love to little tiny bits. Because of the events of this year, that project kept getting pushed back and back; even though my co-writer and I were committed to the work due to the enthusiasm we share for the game, it just never worked out and never had a chance to take off. I recently officially canceled the project until further notice (I won’t reveal the exact nature of the project just in case it ever can be restarted). Rather than leave the material I wrote gathering virtual dust in a folder, I’d like to share it for free with everyone.

A Matter of Conviction presents rules for bringing in narrative flags into the game. Anyone who’s played Spirit of the Century, Burning Wheel or Primetime Adventures (among many) will recognize these as Aspects/Beliefs & Instincts/Edges – descriptive bits of information that serve as flags about what is important to the characters and what they want narrative conflict to be about. Witch Hunter already has some element of this via Virtues & Vices, but Convictions brings a laser focus to the idea.

The rules have been posted to the Witch Hunter forum in the Paradigm Concepts website, and on Scribd, where it can be read online or downloaded on PDF (or use the widget below).

I hope you enjoy these rules. Please let me know how they work for you, either here or at the PCI Witch Hunter forum thread.

[RAW]A Matter of Conviction – Final (Witch Hunter RPG) [/RAW]