Hal Mangold to Layout True20 Ancients: Rome

true20ancientsAfter what seems like an entire historical epoch, True20 Ancients: Rome is finally seeing some progress.

Hal Mangold, layout guru for Green Ronin Publishing and El Jefe over at Atomic Overmind Press, has signed on to do the layout for True20 Ancients: Rome. Given how Hal created the look for True20 to begin with, I think we can expect this book to be a treat for the eyes (as well as a treat for the table with all those awesome True20 rules by Matthew Kaiser under the editing stylings of Spike Y Jones).

Personally, I am both relieved that this book is finally getting some love after the hiatus it found itself in this year, and downright ecstatic to finally have a chance to work with Hal.

It will still be a bit longer before there’s samples to show you and we can announce a release date. Thanks for your patience and support.