[Paid] Need Help Converting from d20/3.5 to Pathfinder

I need someone who is an ace with Pathfinder (as an unified system, not just that knows PFRPG based on their 3.5 experience) to help me convert 5 products. Some will be as easy as changing a few references here and there, but others may require a whole rethinking due to changes in the way Pathfinder handles something vis-a-vis how d20 used to.

This is a paid gig: $50 for the batch, plus copies of all the products when released for Pathfinder (and honestly, if there’s something else from my catalog that you’d like, I’d be happy to throw it in as well).

Let me stress this again: I need an ace in Pathfinder. I want these products to work with Pathfinder because they were rebuilt with it in mind, not just because they are 3.5 and thus compatible.

If you are interested, reply to this thread and tell me a bit about why you’d be awesome for this gig.

(Originally posted to the Role Play Media Network)