Help Me To Copenhagenize Miami's Mikael Colville-AndersenI’ve already mentioned that one of my favorite bicycling blogs is by Mikael Colville-Andersen. Do a Google search for “bicycle blog” and you’ll see it right on the first page, which is how my wife and I found it when we first started getting into bikes. Not only has it spawned a spin-off, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, it has also inspired an entire following of blogs based on the same idea, showcasing and promoting regular bicycling in their cities:,,, etc. Mikael writes that he wants to Copenhagenize the planet, and he’s well on his way.

I want to make Miami the next stop on that wave of change, and I need your help.

About a month ago, Mikael finally launched a consulting service to handle what he had been doing for some time already, promoting bicycling advocacy. Copenhagenize Consulting brings together Mikael (a filmmaker, photographer and journalist)  and architect, graphic designer and photographer Troels Heien, responsible for the “I (Bike) CPN” design, as a team that promotes what they call Bicycling Culture 2.0 in ways ranging from education to urban planning consulting. Their Vision provides a clear idea of what they’re about:

At Copenhagenize Consulting we look at urban cycling from the human perspective. The bicycle is unique in that it is the most human of all vehicle-based transport forms. Only a few generations ago, the bicycle was a main feature on the urban landscape of cities and towns around the world. There is little standing in the way of us advancing the evolution of Bicycle Culture 2.0.

Copenhagenizing is a way of describing how urban centres can tackle air and noise pollution, rising health care costs due to lifestyle illnesses and obesity as well as creating more liveable cities. Our goal is inspiring and advising others about how to reestablish the bicycle as a transport form by removing the label of cycling as only a sport or a child’s pastime. We do so by using the Copenhagenize Experience as a guide. In the 1960’s cycling was on the decline but we managed to turn that around thanks to visionary urban planning and political decisions.

Such planning and decision-making requires inspiration and Best Practice. Copenhagenize Consulting approaches each client’s situation with passion and determination.

Mikael has been touring as Denmark’s leading bicycle ambassador for a while now, taking his lectures about creating new/improving existing bicycle cultures to cities all over Europe and the US. Just recently he was in Portland, arguably the United States’ most bike-friendly city, and if Portland can still learn from Mikael’s lecture, then certainly so can we in Miami.

I want to bring Copenhagenize Consulting’s Mikael Colville-Andersen to Miami to give a lecture as part of the National Bike Month celebrations in May 2010. And I need your support to make this happen.

I will be organizing ways to gather donations and sponsors towards the costs associated with bringing Mikael from Denmark to lecture in Miami (see the Donate button at the top of the right sidebar menu), for people to show their support and interest in this event, as well as ways to promote it to the four winds. I will also engage in talks with bicycling groups in Jacksonville and Tampa that have expressed interest in having Mikael lecture there as well to make this as productive a trip as possible.

Keep watching Slow Bike Miami in the coming weeks for more information on this push to Copenhagenize Miami. Together we can bring Bicycle Culture 2.0 to the Magic City.

Copenhagenize Miami


  1. I’d love to see Mikael in Miami! You might want to reach out to Orlando as well, it seems there is some bike love there.

    I live in Boca, where my husband often bike-commutes, and we’ve had good response from city officials when writing to them about bike lanes, etc. I bet somewhere in Palm Beach County would benefit from his appearance (and pay for it) as well.


    • Hi, Rebecca. Do you know any organization in Orlando? I’ve been trying to find a BikeOrlando or something to that effect but no luck.

      If you know anyone in Palm Beach I could talk to about helping out with bringing Mikael for lectures, do let me know. I think it would be great to expand a Copenhagenize Florida visit. 🙂


  2. You realize the Sisyphus struggle you are getting into trying to get a small semblance of Bike culture down here? lol!

    I’m a member of FBA and decided this year to do some Pro-Bono artwork for their periodical in an effort to get their staff to write better articles catering towards a more youthful audience. Idk, whats gonna happen but I’d like it to be something that if you picked it up at a bus seat or on metro-rail, would pique your interest to read the next article.
    I even tried motivating (maybe successfully) by showing them Sec of Transp Ray LaHood’s (R) speach at the Nat’l Bike Summit.
    As I said. idk.

    It will be a Herculean effort (especially anywhere west of Galloway Rd) but you gotta try!


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