I get these little emails from every day called the Daily Dose, a short insightful/inspirational dose of Torah thinking. Today’s Daily Dose just hit me:

True Naivety

What is it that the child has to teach?

The child naively believes that everything should be fair
and everyone should be honest,
that only good should prevail,
that everybody should have what they want
and there should be no pain or sadness.

The child believes the world should be perfect and is outraged to discover it is not.

And the child is right.

That’s me right there. Yes, I have a cynical side that often gets the better of me, but deep down that’s me. That’s why I sometimes get taken advantage of, why I became cynical in the first place, because I believe those things and got burned more often than not when I discovered it was not like that. But I continue to believe it all.

I guess you could say deep down I am as Lawful Good as they come. And you’d be right.

You want to know me? Remember the above.