Go By Bike to the Book Fair & Get a Discount

Go By Bike to the Miami Book FairStarting today, you can enjoy the Miami Book Fair International Street Fair in the Miami-Dade College Wolfson Campus in Downtown Miami. A month ago I exhorted people to Go By Bike to the Book Fair, and mused on how great it would be to have bike parking at the event. After emailing a number of people from the City of Miami government, Miami Book Fair and independent advocacy groups, I’m happy to say that it all worked out.

The Green Mobility Network will be operating a bike valet at the corner of NE 2nd Ave & 3rd St so all those who bike to the Book Fair can leave their bikes in a safe area. Furthermore, those that bike to the event can get a $3 discount on their entry ticket by picking up a voucher at the bike valet.

In a twist of irony, even though I was the one to start the proverbial snowball that resulted in this, because we are moving this weekend, my wife and I will not be able to make it to the Book Fair, by bike or otherwise, which makes us very sad. Though perhaps it’s a good thing, considering we just finished packing some 10 large boxes just with books (not counting the two boxes we’re donating to the library).

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to City of Miami Bike Coordinator Collin Worth for enduring my many emails and Facebook messages on this subject, to John Hopkins of the Green Mobility Network for early guidance on what was effectively my first shot at advocacy with an actual entity and for running the bike valet, and to the folks at the Miami Book Fair International for accommodating this idea so late in the game. Next year we’ll do something with more time to plan and I’ve no doubt it will be awesome.

Enjoy the great weather as you bike to the Book Fair!