Slow Bike Westchester

Since my post last week on Critical Mass, I’ve spent all my time addressing comments and none writing new posts. It’s been great, because I believe we’ve had a good and civil conversation, something that definitely needs to happen often, but it’s also been very draining at times. Couple that with a move to a new apartment, and it just makes for a very tired blogger.

Yesterday I checked my Twitter feed and I saw a tweet from @YanielCantelar that read, “@Highmoon this blog post is for you!” Yaniel is a cyclist that lives down in south Miami-Dade and whom I started following via the @BikeMiami account. He normally rides a road bike and does time-trial/speed riding, posting on his blog photos and videos taken with his iPhone, and cool graphs put together by his Garmin unit. While this isn’t the type of riding I do, I enjoy connecting with other cyclists in the city. Obviously I was curious about Yaniel’s tweet, so I clicked.

Yaniel’s post is entitled “Slow Bike Westchester,” where he blogs about having gone out on his Regions Bank green cruiser to take a ride around his neighborhood just for the fun of it. No Lycra jersey, no clipless pedals, no time to beat, just riding, cruising. And he enjoyed it thoroughly.

After a week of heavy conversation on the CM thread and other forums, Yaniel’s post lifted my spirits and brought a smile to my face.

Rock on, Yaniel, and keep slow bicycling every so often. Your road bike won’t be jealous, I promise. šŸ™‚


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