Yay, November!

I love November. I honestly don’t know exactly why, but I do. And especially this year since we rolled back the clock right at the start of the month.Granted, it’s hot as heck in Miami still, so none of the awesome autumn cool breeze to speak of. But hey, November!

My November will be spent moving from our current apartment to the new one in South Beach. We already have the lease signed and the keys so we’ve been working on getting the new one ready for the stuff we bought and whatever will come with us. Tomorrow I’m painting the dining room and waiting for a delivery from Ikea and in the week of the 16th we’ll move once and for all! I’ve had little teases of what it is to live in South Beach and so far I’m loving it.

This means, however, that I won’t be doing NaNoWriMo, as much as I wanted to. It’s just not realistic, so I’ll save myself the headache and the guilty feelings.

Now, if only the temperature would go down to at least the 70s during the day.