Slow Bike Miami Endorses Gabrielle Redfern for Miami Beach Commissioner

Back in June Gabrielle Redfern contacted me via this blog to perhaps meet up. She said her roots were in bicycling advocacy and wanted to chat about that and the City of Miami Beach. At the time I was in Puerto Rico and could not meet with her, especially as the electoral race in the Beach started to heat up. I’ve been paying close attention to the race for the various spots in City Hall coming November 3, and there is one race where I know for sure who I’m betting on.

As far as Commissioner Group 3 is concerned, I fully believe that Gabrielle Redfern is the right choice for the job, which is why I’m making this my first ever official public endorsement for a political race.

Gabrielle RedfernBoth The Miami Herald and Transit Miami have endorsed Gabrielle as well, mainly for her transportation activism and her gumption to tackle hard issues head-on. I like that. That she’s also a bike supporter (Miami New Times called her “Miami Beach’s one-woman bike lobby“) just adds to her appeal. We, the bicyclists of Miami Beach, and especially the advocates striving to better the situation for everyone, need all the support we can get inside City Hall, and that’s precisely what Gabrielle seems to bring.

Join us on November 3 at your local Miami Beach polling place in electing Gabrielle Redfern for Group 3 Commissioner.