We’re Moving to South Beach

We’ve been looking for a new apartment to move into since late September. We’re frankly tired of the area where we live (Normandy Isle, North Beach) and given that leaving Miami is not a possibility at the moment, the next best thing was to move to a new area of Miami. Thus South Beach.

Now, when most people think of South Beach, they see this:

And granted, that’s part of South Beach, but not all of South Beach. This side of SoBe is a few streets east of where we’ll be. This is my South Beach:



Very different, no?

Between Washington Av and Alton Rd sits a veritable village made up mostly of apt buildings with a few single-family homes, all inhabited by people looking to live a normal life in South Beach. We’ll have Flamingo Park less than 2 blocks away, and pretty much everything we need within 10 blocks at most. The place is highly bikeable and getting more so every day, not to mention connected to a large number of public transport options and perfectly located should we decide to start doing more long-range bike commuting. I can literally foresee parking my car and not having to move it for days on end. And that’s if I keep it, but more on that later.

Trust me, I was as surprised to find this here as well, and we both fell in love with it.

I can’t wait to move (although I dislike the process of moving!) and see what life feels like in a place where we are far more connected to other people and the city around us. Expect to hear more about the moving odyssey; after 7 years in this place, it’s a bit like a hermit crab moving into a new shell.


  1. Either FIU north or south should be no problem as I have great connections to buses. I can take a bus up to Biscayne then bus or bike to FIU, or bike to Downtown then rail+bus to FIU.

    It’s awesome.


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