Miami Beach Sleepless Night Bike Meetup

Miami Beach Sleepless Night by bike.Sleepless Night, Miami Beach’s city-wide, all-night-long art festival, is coming on November 7, starting at 6 PM, and with it a perfect opportunity to ride your bike all up and down the Beach, enjoying all the artistic events going on. This is precisely what my wife and I had planned to do; though daytime temps in Miami are still in the 90s, at night it cools down to a very nice mid-70s, especially the closer you get to the beach, making it a perfect time to ride relaxed, and in full cyclechic fashion.

It then occurred to me that there might be others that would enjoy riding their bikes during Sleepless Night, so I decided to use my powers as South Florida Slow Bike Movement group assistant organizer to put together a meetup that night.

Miami Beach Sleepless Night Meetup

It won’t be a bike ride per se, but rather a meetup to greet the night and then take off on our bikes. There are over 100 events going on that night all over the 13 miles of Miami Beach and it wouldn’t be fair to force people into a bike ride schedule. Besides, as much as I love organized chilled out rides, I’m far more interested in getting people bicycling around as their normal way of transportation.

I’m very excited about this meetup, if only because it will be the first time I’m organizing anything, though meeting other slow bicyclists will be pretty cool as well. Next step, organizing an actual ride. That will have to wait until we have finished our move to South Beach.

You can also find the Miami Beach Sleepless Night Meetup on Facebook.

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