Hearing for New Bike Lanes in Miami Beach

The Florida Dept of Transportation is going to hold a hearing to gather feedback regarding three proposed segments of bike lanes in an upcoming roadways project in the Normandy Isle section of Miami Beach’s North Shore district. I’m thankful that Bike Miami blogged about this because I have not heard anything about this meeting from any other source, including the City of Miami Beach.

Normandy Dr.
Normandy Dr, eastbound, from West Bay Dr

This is the Beach segment of NE 79 St in Miami and the JFK Causeway in North Bay Village, the last mainland-t0-Beach connector before leaving the City of Miami Beach. As such, it always features heavy traffic, and for the most part, it’s a virtual race track at any time of the day. It is also right next to my home and on my daily biking route. Bike lanes for Normandy Dr/71 St? Yes, please!

The meeting is on Thursday, November 5, 2009, from 6-8 PM, at the North Shore Park Youth Center, 501 72nd Street in Miami Beach.

There are three proposed segments mentioned in the announcement Bike Miami obtained from the FDOT. I have mapped them below for visual reference:



  1. 71 Street, from East Bay Drive to West of Collins Avenue (segment B-A)
  2. Normandy Drive, from Rue Notre Dame to East Bay Drive (segment C-B)
  3. 71 Street, from West (Bay?) Drive to East Bay Drive (segment D-C)

The last one is a little confusing. If it means West Bay Drive as I mapped it above, then the bike lanes begin right at the edge of the city of Miami Beach. If it means West Drive, that would mean the bike lanes would extend through practically all of North Bay Village in an eastbound direction. Since the other segments are all in Miami Beach and North Bay Village is not mentioned anywhere else, I’m going to assume my interpretation, mapped above, is correct.

I love the idea of these bike lanes, with one criticism: add them as well on westbound Normandy Dr, from East Bay Drive to West Bay Drive. I see no reason why they would set out to create bike lanes traversing all of Normandy Isle and leave out the westbound segment, which is just as dangerous for bicyclists and the eastbound one (71st St). Likewise, it seems to skip 71 St, from Rue Notre Dame to East Bay Drive.

I plan to attend the meeting to voice my support for bike lanes in Normandy Isle, and to make sure that the bike lanes just travel the length of both 71 St and Normandy Dr, from West Bay Drive to Collins Ave.

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  1. This is a wonderful change to Miami and the Beach, as the
    city of Miami has such an amazing potential for bikes. As the
    electric assist bikes go more main stream and presuming Miami
    continues to push a more bike friendly environment, I think you
    will see a decrese in vehicular triffafic as people switch over to
    bikes leading to more plesent living environment. On a side note as
    more people bicycle, local businesses will totally benifit. I can
    say from my own experence that when you are on a bike, you both see
    resturautns and stores you would have otherwise missed in a car and
    becuase of the ease of parking and getting around on a bike you are
    much more likely to stop in and buy something.


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