Join the South Florida Slow Bike Movement Meetup

There’s quite a few bicycling groups in South Florida catering to everyone from Lycra speedsters to the Critical Mass-ers. Now there is also one for the slow bicyclists!



Allow me to introduce the South Florida Slow Bike Movement group on

I actually had nothing to do with its creation. This was the work of Manny Dominguez, a cyclists down in suburban Kendall who got tired of going way too fast on his group bike rides. He was the founder of the Cutler Ridge Bicycle Touring Club, but after the rides started going a bit too fast for his taste, he decided to pass the leadership to others. From what he tells me, he came across this website and started reading about the concept of slow bicycling. Next thing I know, I get an email from Manny telling me how excited he is that he has found others who share the same desire to ride their bikes just for fun at a slow and steady pace.

Manny founded the Meetup group to help spread the gospel of slow bicycling via slow rides. Given that he lives in the south part of the county, I went ahead and stepped up to become an assistant organizer for the Miami Beach and north-Miami-Dade County area.

Join us on and start riding slowly.

South Florida Slow Bike Movement


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