Shopping For A New Bike – A Latecomer & A Decision(?)

I’ll be honest, I’m getting a little antsy to have a new bike. After Sunday’s Bike Miami Ride, my legs and knees were very sore for a couple of days; I understand I’m overweight and all that, but this was all due to trying to keep up with 30+ other riders while on a singlespeed with a lame back wheel. It’s time for a new bike. I can even rationalize it by saying that I have been a good boy who’s been riding his bike regularly for over a year, that I’m slowly seeking to move into a bike-as-primary-vehicle way of life, or even that Monday, October 12 is my birthday and this will be my gift. The simple truth is, however, that it is time.

All of a sudden, however, a new contender shows up to vie for my cash! Meet the Batavus Fryslân.

Batavus Fryslân

I know of Batavus thanks to, and more recently through Let’s Go Ride A Bike (Trisha owns one) and they are vouched as absolutely great bikes. They are, sadly, not available in Miami though my wife came across a store in Toronto (!) that sells them. Turns out the store is the retail arm of Fourth Floor Distribution, which imports the bikes and sells them to North American dealers (alongside Pashley, Kyoga-Miyata, Abici and Nihola, all amazing European bikes).

I gave them a call and spoke to a super nice fellow named Everett who answered my questions about the bike and purchase process, then actually helped me find a local store that could sell the Batavus to me. Turns out at Interbike 2009 a couple weeks ago, one Miami store approached them to start carrying some of these European bikes: Bike and Roll in Miami Beach. The simple fact that these European beauties could soon be available locally in Miami fills me with glee.

I’m still waiting to hear from the Bike and Roll people to know if they have their account set up and can order it in. It is an expensive bike; not as much as the Gazelle Toer, but still around the $1000 mark. It may be that it is simply just out of my budget at the moment, but I’m gonna wait and see. Batavus also has a 3-speed version of the same bike called the Favoriet, but they are out of stock and do not know when they will get more.

So it seems that I have a sort of winner by default in my search for a new bike, but I am going to sleep on it before I make a final choice.


  1. ooh. I do indeed love my Batavus and to judge from the photos, the Fryslan is one stunning bike! The higher-end Batavus bikes are a great value for money. Keep us posted on your decision.


    • If money were no object at the moment, I’d order that Fryslan same-day delivery right now. Sadly, that’s not the case, so I need to crunch some numbers while I wait to hear from the distributor in Canada and the store in Miami Beach.


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