Introducing Our New Cat: Yoshi

Yoshi Sunday, Sept. 20, as we were leaving the house to go to synagogue, a friend of our next-door neighbor suddenly asked us, “Have you seen my cat around?” We said no, and right then we hear a small meow come from the bushes right outside our apt. The lady got in there and suddenly comes out holding, not her cat, but a tiny black-and-white mass of wild and matted hair meowing its little heart out. I knew that one of the street cats had recently had her kittens under our building, so this must have been one of her litter. The kitty had gunk all over its left eye, so we washed it and put antibiotic drops in it (we have a box with all the pet medicines that are still good) and put it in the kennel while we went to synagogue for the Rosh Hashana services. When we got back we cleaned it a little more and at some point made the decision to keep it (I think it was when my Mother-in-Law did not think we were crazy for bringing in cat #3).

He (I was fairly sure it was a he, and the Vet confirmed it yesterday) spent a day without a name while we thought about it, but my wife found the perfect one: Yoshi (which in Japanese means “fortunate one” or something to that effect).

See, we believe that on the second day of Rosh Hashana, G-d judges the entire Creation (on the first day He judges the Jews), so for us to find this kitten in front of our apt on the second day of Rosh Hashana, especially as we’re leaving the house for prayers, means that this kitty’s judgment placed him right in our path (at least to us this is clear as day). So now we have three cats and we’re remembering the frustrations and the all-out fun that is having a kitten running around.

Yoshi | Yoshi | Yoshi | YoshiYoshi Sleeps In The Cat Bed

Welcome Yoshi, newest member of Clan McFuFu.