[Lady Blackbird] The Capture And Release Of Lady Blackbird

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I had guests over for dinner last night so I thought I would be unable to play in the ongoing game of Lady Blackbird. However, by 10:30 PM our guests had gone home, so I fired up the laptop and hopped onto Skype to join the group and the game, and right in the nick of time, too!

By the time I joined the group had been playing for about an hour, mostly on scenes dealing with all the other characters. They had just mentioned something that happened with my character, Kale, but we hit the rewind button and replayed the same scene with me at the helm.

Turns out I heard some noises up in the Owl’s general area and when I came up from the engine room, I had only just enough time to see three ratlings kidnapping Lady Blackbird before my own world went completely dark, courtesy of a sap to the back of the head. I came to some time after that to find the ship rattling as Snargle prepped it for launch. This time the image of Kale as channeled through Steve Buscemi was very clear in my head, so I was able to tap into that characterization immediately. This time around, however, it was angry/ranting Steve Buscemi in control (for the most part).

After getting Snargle to turn off the ship and join me in looking for Lady Blackbird, we run out into the streets of Nematron, a place I personally would rather avoid due to some gambling issues. I’m talking a mile a minute, knowing my hide’s on the line and will be claimed, painfully, by both Captain Vance and Pirate King Flint.

As we’re about to break into a sprint into the heart of Nematron, I hear Naomi (played by Mick Bradley) yell out our names from behind. She *just* appeared there, but I don’t ask too many questions as I know Vance can work some warp juju and supposedly they were together. Nor do I ask about the hundreds of tiny, bleeding slashes over Naomi’s bandaged-and-clad-for-combat body. Hey, I don’t judge. “We gotta get outta here,” yells Naomi. “No we can’t, Lady Blackbird’s gone,” I yell back as we run towards the other. That catches her attention, and thankfully not in a I’m-gonna-kill-Kale-Arkam kinda way. We then break off to find Vance, wherever he is.

Well, wherever is coming right at us at breakneck speed as we also are running into the Nematron bazaar. Something having to do with Mother Six (*shudder*) being indisposed (which of course is completely an euphemism). “I told you to prep the ship!” Vance says. “Yeah, we can’t, cause the Lady’s gone,” I tell him. There’s a round of fingerpointing and I’m pointing them right at someone else in the market cause I don’t wanna have Vance and Naomi bust my chops. Someone says something about Snargle’s ratling friend but it kinda washes over me (wait, Snargle has a friend? A ratling? A he?!) as I inspect the area for clues. Naomi tried and found some hair that could belong to the Lady, so I know I got a good chance.

Kapow! I don’t find any actual clues, but I can read the crowd like the experienced (if now slightly reformed) huckster I am, and I notice two ratlings being *too* casual by the entrance to a bar not that far away. I motion to Vance, who knows me, just knows me, and he starts advancing. So I decide to slam those ratlings with a nasty surprise and spin around casting a Shatter Spell. Except it misfires and instead of shattering their weapons, it shatters their liquor. “The beer? Seriously?” I say as I run over.

Vance pulls out a nasty, nasty, NASTY move and gives one of the ratlings some head ventilation when he proves uncooperative, but the other one vomits out the location of the Lady inside the bar. So we march in, guns drawn.

“Don’t anyone move, or I’ll shoot you. I’LL SHOOT YOU DEAD! I swear!” This screamed at the top of my lungs, with a wild and crazy look on my face, while I wave two guns around the room while standing next to the twin-drawn guns of Captain Vance and Naomi (she’s a weapon all by herself).

The bartender cooperates and we find the Lady in the side room he motioned to us. Of course, Vance and Naomi pick this moment to have a tete-a-tete on who the frak goes first through the beaded curtain, while I’m left to cover a roomfull of bar patrons, some of which I know are packing– “Hey, what the heck you think you’re doing? Sit down, sit the frak down! Don’t get any funny ideas none of you!!!”

Vance finally goes through and convinces the ratlings that, with Mother Six dead, they ain’t got orders anymore. Takes the little runts a bit to get it, but they let the Lady go and we’re outta that bar faster than Vance’s warp juju could do it, I swear. Except when we get back to the Owl, Snargle is nowhere to be found. Great!

Vance goes off to search for Snargle, while I go in to prep the ship for take-off. Lady Blackbird decides she wants to cure Naomi’s hundred thousand cuts and asks me for some alcohol (do I look like a drunk?). I don’t know what it is about Lady Blackbird that makes me so nervous I can barely put a sentence together. Frak! Stupid, stupid!

Well, I know *exactly* what it is about Lady Blackbird, but we ain’t gonna talk about that…


  1. Hi there!

    I do realise that this post is somewhat outdated, but after finding my way here through the soddin’ murk that is the internet I must say: Thank you!

    I’m in the process of playing through a session of lady blackbird myself, carrying the role of Kale. We have played through the main quest and got so smitten with the whole system and idea that we dogged our GM to write a follow up – so here I am, putting in the coat of the shifty mechanic yet again!

    I’m currently in education to become a dramatic arts teacher in a few short years and thus place great value in character depth and the collaboration to create a meaningfull storyline that is shaped by the crew.

    Your take on Kales role has greatly inspired me (as well as left me many: Why the hell didn’t I think of that? -moments) and I’m glad to read someone elses completely different picture on Kale described this vividly. It is also, as I hinted, very interesting (almost numbing) to compare how roles are dealth with in different hands!

    thanks again – From a slightly quieter and sincerely Natasha-despising Kale as well as his player J.G


  2. Hey, J.G. Cool that you made it over here through whatever online juju it took. I’m glad you enjoyed the posts. It’s funny, cause I just reread it myself, and it’s almost like someone else writing it. It’s been a couple years, I guess.

    I, too, find fascinating comparing interpretations of the same characters. I’ve seen some very different Kales out there, and it’s always neat to compare and contrast with your own interpretation as well as others you know of. It’s one of the reasons I love this little game so much.

    If you write about your own Kale performance, do let me know so I can read it as well. Have fun!


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