A Cycling Webcomic: Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery

Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery

I just discovered my new favorite webcomic, Yehuda Moon & The Kickstand Cyclery. Creator Rick Smith puts out this comic daily (with some minor exceptions, as you check the back “issues”) and after having caught up to the current strip in a nonstop laughing frenzy, I am glad for his dedication!

The story follows Yehuda Moon and Joe King, proprietors of the Kickstand Cyclery, a small local bike shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Yehuda is a commuter cyclists who rides an old, steel-frame Dutch-style city bike through sunshine, rain, wind or snow, while Joe is a Lycra-wearing speedster who rides a lightweight road bike only during the good weather months. It’s a classic ying & yang/odd-couple scenario, and it works great to deliver funny commentary on bicycling stereotypes. It also touches on some serious issues, like cyclists killed by cars and cycling as a political expression, but it never gets bogged down with the heaviness of such issues.

The creator has a Support page where you can donate a one-time amount, subscribe for $3 a month,  purchase print-on-demand books of the collected comic strips or branded merchandise (my favorite are the bicycle bumper stickers, i.e. shirts you wear while you ride).

I highly recommend this webcomic to any bicycling fan. And hey, you can add them on Twitter and get a tweet each morning with the new strip!


  1. I’ve been reading it from the start today, this stuff is brilliant 😀 I love webcomics so this is definitely an addition to my google reader comics folder.


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