Miami Cyclists: Please Be Nice

Consider this as a PSA of sorts.

I was reading my new favorite webcomic (a post about it later this week) and came across this strip.

I’ll be darned if that’s not how I’ve felt sometimes when I’m out riding. This is especially a problem when we ride Downtown from the Beach for a Bike Miami Days event, when we come across a great number of hunched over Lycra-clad speedsters. I’ll wave, nod, ring my bell at them in a quick greeting/acknowledgment, and I get nothing in return. And yes, they can see me. It’s happened in places where we’ve waited at a light together; nothing. I even got the impression more than a couple of times that they looked down on me and my fat-tire cruiser, judging me from their thin bikes and form-fitting clothes. Stupid elitism, all of it. After a while, I stopped trying to connect.

Except I don’t want to stop. I like waving hi at other cyclists when we’re out riding, and it wouldn’t kill the speedsters to say hi back. I see it as an extension of the staggering amount of rudeness there is on Miami streets. But I refuse to stop doing it.

So, Miami cyclists, please be nice to each other. If you see another rider, regardless of the bike or the clothes, take a second to acknowledge them with a nod, a small wave, a ring of the bicycle bell, something. Let’s start eradicating that rude behavior from our streets one bike rider at a time.

Hello Bicycle, by Mikael/Zakkalicious

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  1. I agree, Daniel. I always wave hello and sometimes say “Buenos dias”or “good morning.” I also wave and greet walkers and joggers. I also wave to thank drivers who do something nice.


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