New Year, New Look, New Logo

Tonight starts Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, and we’d like to extend a heartfelt shannah tova to all the Jews out there, especially our fellow Jewish cyclists.

To celebrate, I’ve changed the look of the website to a magazine-style theme. The main advantage of this new look is that it allows a lot more stories to be on the front page without overwhelming you, the reader. It makes things a lot more organized, and I, frankly, I like the look.

The other new addition is the Slow Bike Miami logo I created. I’ve no doubt I’ll keep playing with it for a while, but in general I quite like it. I’d like to make T-shirts with the logo so we can wear at bicycling events in Miami.

Slow Bike Miami

So, happy and sweet new year to those to which this is applicable. To everyone else, have a great weekend and I hope you like the new site look and the logo.


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